Leak Detection & Mold Assessment

South Florida home and business owners – when it comes to leaks or mold problems in the home or business, the earlier you can detect them the better.

Free to Home & Business Owners in Palm Beach County

The longer standing water or mold is left, the more it will grow and the harder it will be to remove. This is why it is best to have a leak inspection and mold assessment performed at the first sign of mold in your home or business.

For 24/7 Emergencies, Call: (833) LEAK-FINDER

We can immediately recognize subtle signs of mold growth and signs of water problems. We’re not only experienced but also use sophisticated equipment. Our equipment is extremely effective at finding hidden mold with minimal impact to your home or business. Some of the tools and techniques we use are infra-red inspection, borescopes (fiber optics), moisture meters and hygrometers. Our veteran inspectors have also developed a sense of smell for mold and can often quickly sniff out hidden mold even without the use of equipment. If there is a water leak or mold in your home or business, we will find it and best of all – the inspection is free.

Serving Palm Beach, Dade and Broward Counties


Call the Leak Experts at (833) LEAK-FINDER for a free leak inspection in Palm Beach County. We typically respond within minutes and will help you get your problem under control. Additionally, if water damage or mold is found, we will locate and mitigate the damage – then bill your insurance company directly so there is zero out of pocket expense.

Leak Detection & Cleanup

We will assist you in immediately stopping the leak and mitigating the water damage, then cleaning it up including any reconstruction you may need.


Leak Detection & Repairs

Regardless of the source: Water main, sewer, toilet overflow, hose, slab or leaky pipe – our experts will find your leak; isolate and repair it on the first visit.

Water Removal & Dehumidification

We use the best and most sophisticated technology when drying your home or business out quickly. This stops further damage and mold from spreading.

Reconstruction Services

After the problem has been stopped, we use licensed, reputable general contractors to rebuild like it never even happened. 

Leak, Flood & Mold Restoration Experts

The Leak Experts are the choice to call when you have a leak, flood or mold. We service residential and commercial properties from Palm Beach to Dade County. Our inspections are always 100% free and we also handle all of the paperwork with your insurance company.